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Welcome to Civil Requiem! We are a MCU RPG set in the wake of S.H.I.E.L.D's data dump with a unique twist on the Manhattan incident and it's consequent fallout. Check the plot for more details and enjoy your stay!

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 F.A.Q., General Inquiries
 Posted: May 18 2017, 10:31 PM


Nicknames / Tony Stark

Age / 28

Occupation / Site Development




Holmes / ATL / He/Him

General Questions
• Does this board acknowledge AOU?
Short Answer: No.

Details: We are set directly following the events of The Winter Soldier, which means all films that follow within phase two are not part of the site canon here at Civil Requiem. This means there is no Ultron, and no Sokovia Accords. More information on Sokovia itself, as well as the Maximoff twins in particular, can be found here.

• So you guys are Agents of Shield season two?
Short Answer: No.

Details: We are set directly following the events of The Winter Soldier, which means all episodes after season one, episode seventeen ( Turn, Turn, Turn ) are not part of the site canon here at Civil Requiem. This means there is no erasing of Coulson's team, discovery of Providence or even the depth of Ward's betrayal. More details in for those who wish to create AoS characters can be found here.

• Why 'Civil Requiem' if you're not a Civil War board?
Short Answer: Because we can.

Details: Civil Requiem is designed to focus on the effects of a world turned upside down and build its own unique universe. The site tagline is 'Remember when we were ordinary?' because the world simply isn't ordinary anymore - not for anyone, human or enhanced.

• Will there be a Civil War?
Short Answer: No.

Details: We have a lot of plotlines in mind that will move this board along organically without resorting to turning heroes against one another. There will be conflicts and there will be reasons to butt heads - but at no point is it our intention to pit the good guys against the good guys and make life that much easier for the bad guys.

• Can I play an original character?
Short Answer: Absolutely!

Details: Original characters are highly encouraged on Civil Requiem! All we ask is that you mind our statistics and don't make any characters that fall under our Banned Categories.

• Can I play a comic based character?
Short Answer: No.

Details: Characters with heavy involvement with MCU canons would have to work their history so that individuals who only know the MCU portrayals are not placed into any inter-character relationships they are not comfortable with.

Presently Marvel Comic Canon is taking up storylines the staff here at Civil Requiem refuse to involve in any way. In an effort to avoid political discourse and argument over character design, we are at this time refusing comic canons with no MCU interpretation.

• Can I use comic influences?
Short Answer: Honestly not recommended.

Details: We advise people to keep things strictly MCU for all things 2014-prior; everything forward from that point can be altered as needed for characters that have entered the franchise past that point, and we firmly advised design be crafted around Civil Requiem as opposed to comic or even MCU ideas in the event said character comes into play after May 2014.

So for example, the histories of Natasha Romanoff and James Barnes would be as the MCU lays out, while the origin story of Stephen Strange could be at the writer's discretion, but should involve references to the plotline of Civil Requiem rather than to comic events.

• Can I [insert comic question here]?
Short Answer: No.

Details: Not everyone is familiar with comics, and 95% of the reason we opened this site was to build something that caters to people who don't read comics, or read comics but don't have extended knowledge.

The thing with Marvel and DC sites is - there are TONS that claim to be 'cinematic universe' and yet, there's comic stuff everywhere. Which is - alienating to people who want a cinematic universe.

We at Civil Requiem really want to foster a cinematic environment with original ideas and content. Rather than rely on comic storylines to build our expansions, we intend to use member created content through events, and build something that is cinematic in origin and universally unique to our site. If it is comic based, just bank on hearing a no.

• Can I bring a character back from the dead?
Short Answer: Present Your Case.

Details: Many MCU characters have short shelf lives, sad but unfortunately true. Civil Requiem is open to the notion of characters returning, due to the fact this is something that the MCU itself implements on multiple occasions. Presently, characters who are dead in the MCU following the events of CA: Winter Soldier can be applied for in the event that it is discussed with staff prior. These characters will be accepted on a case by case basis only.

• Can I play a character from a movie after The Winter Soldier?
Short Answer: With Restrictions.

Details: There are two goals at Civil Requiem. The first is to create a uniquely integrated MCU society that involves the whole umbrella and its own, individual universe. The second is to remain a spoiler free zone so that everyone can enjoy the MCU experience at their own pace. Meaning, characters introduced post-TWS must be applied for in a manner that melds them to the Civil Requiem plotline and keeps all spoiler related content off the application.

• Can I play a character that's animated?
Short Answer: Yes & No.

Details: All face claims must be of real people. As such Baymax from Big Hero 6 really would not be applicable here at Civil Requiem. However if you wanted to play Honey Lemon, for example, and you chose a celebrity face claim for her as opposed to the animated images, this would be acceptable as she is a part of the MCU.

• So I can crossover any character with an RL face claim?
Short Answer: No.

Details: We have a MCU only policy - so while Big Hero 6 applies as it is in the Marvel umbrella, you couldn't bring in Jack Frost or Tinkerbell with a celebrity face claim.

• Which X-Men timeline is canon?
Short Answer: The new one.

Details: Days of Future Past came out prior to Age of Ultron, which means it is the canon that we follow. We do not know what has been altered all things told, so we afford our members the ability to decide for themselves what to keep and what to remove based on the new timeline. More information on X-Men specific character creation can be found here.

• Why is Guardians of the Galaxy not on the timeline?
Short Answer: Because it happened in a galaxy far far away.

Details: Civil Requiem is not space based. We have heavy Earth focus and are not planning to expand to the Nine Realms and Beyond for a very long time. For more on GOTG and Asgardian character creation, please check here.

• Who are the villains of Civil Requiem?
Short Answer: Human and alien.

Details: The villains of Civil Requiem consist of a smattering of human threats and a unique alien subculture designed specifically for the storyline of the site. For that reason, we have two defined "evils" to look over. The human threats are designed for use on Civil Requiem and may not reflect the MCU directly. While they will be frequent appearances during site events, members are encouraged to use the evils of the site at their leisure for the sake of plotting, development and thread advancement. Click the above links for more in depth details!

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